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Kitchen Renovations Fairfield

Bathroom & Laundry
Bathroom & Laundry

The One-Stop Shop For Kitchen Renovations in Fairfield

When homeowners invest in a kitchen renovation, what they often end up with is a kitchen compromise. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to plan, build, and install the kitchen of your dreams. Sometimes the budget gets in the way and sometimes poor communication undoes all the hard work you did earlier in the process.


At ACME Kitchens, our team is proud to handle the entire kitchen renovation process for you. By personally designing, manufacturing, and installing your kitchen, we ensure no details are missed and all the boxes are ticked. The result is a dream kitchen design that provides value, comfort and style, all within your budget.


As well as offering kitchen renovations across Fairfield, ACME Kitchens can also help you with a range of other custom design and installation services. Whether you want a bathroom vanity or built-in wardrobes, talk to our team for a solution that says no to compromise.


To learn more about kitchen renovations across Fairfield and Sydney, contact ACME Kitchens today.

Personalised Custom Kitchen Designs For Fairfield Homes

Custom Kitchens Fairfield

Our team doesn’t just create great looking kitchens; we specialise in crafting completely custom kitchens. Fairfield locals turn to ACME Kitchens for a process that puts them in charge. From the very first design consultation to the final installation, the whole process will be driven by your specifications and desires.


Offering economical solutions and high-quality finishes, we can help you achieve your personal vision. From ergonomic layouts to brilliant designs and personalised finishes, ACME Kitchens create the custom kitchens Fairfield homeowners love.

The Kitchen Renovations Fairfield Has Loved For Over 30 Years!

State-Of-The-Art Kitchen Designs in Fairfield

Whatever you’re looking for in a new kitchen, our team can bring it to life with our state-of-the-art kitchen designs in Fairfield.  At ACME Kitchens, the design process is all about you, getting to know exactly what you want out of a kitchen. Whether you have an idea in mind or you’re looking for some guidance, we will be here to shape your ideas into an iconic kitchen design.

To get a quote on renovations, installations, and custom kitchen designs, Fairfield locals can call our team on 0412 117 708. The experts at ACME Kitchens would be more than happy to help you.

We Serve Across Fairfield and the Nearest Suburbs

Kitchen Design

Whether you already know exactly what you want, or you need inspiration and advice, we will assist Fairfield homeowners in any way we can!


To book an appointment and get a free quote, call Mazen on 0412 117 708

Manufacturing Custom Kitchens

We manufacture all of your cupboards in our own factory, ensuring we meet your specifications to the highest standards.


With affordable manufacturing and strict quality control, our cupboards will look great in your Fairfield Kitchen!

Installing Your Kitchen Renovations

Our team will work diligently to ensure your cupboards, wardrobes and kitchen renovations are installed correctly and in a timely manner. This avoids prolonged disruption to your Fairfield home and your lifestyle.

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